XPS extruded polystyrene foam board production line

It is a new product launched by our company. The equipment has a fast board, low scrap rate, large output, low bulk density and long service life. The model is complete and the operation is mature. The output and thickness of the same model are higher than the same industry level, especially the large output and thickness models meet the needs of large and high-end customers at home and abroad. Polystyrene foam board is a kind of thermal insulation material with continuous and uniform surface layer and closed-cell honeycomb structure, so it has superior thermal insulation performance, good water resistance and high pressure resistance. Its products are widely used in roof insulation, exterior wall insulation systems, low temperature storage facilities, pavement and subgrade. As an ideal material for building insulation and moisture protection, the market prospect is very broad.

Technical Parameter

ModelMain extruder diameterProduct width(mm)Board thickness(mm )Output(M3/24h)  Power(kw) Installed capacity(kw)Dimension (L*W*H)
HCX-100/120100 12060020-7018055 3718038M*6M*5M
HCX-135/150135 150600 900 120020-120 20-80 20-60270-35075 5526048M*10M*5M
HCX-75/15075 150600 900 120020-120 20-80 20-60300-36075 5528048M*10M*5M
HCX-170/200170 200600 900 120020-150 20-150 20-80400-450200 16052058M*8M*5M

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