The water-cooled strip granulation production line adopts extrusion granulation granulation, and a complete granulation equipment consisting of a parallel twin-screw extruder or a single-screw extruder and a corresponding granulation auxiliary machine.

It adopts special screw design and different configuration, and is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PET, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, PMMA and other plastics for regeneration and color mixing granulation. The high-torque design of the gearbox achieves low noise and smooth running.The screw and barrel are treated with special surface treatment, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, good mixing effect and high output. The design of vacuum exhaust or natural exhaust port can eliminate moisture and exhaust gas in the production process, make the discharge more stable, and the rubber particles are denser, which ensures the excellent quality of the product.

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