The main machine barrel is heated by cast aluminum heater, air cooled, and the precision electronic control instrument controls the temperature. The precision sizing calendering device makes the sheet shape excellent through its good adjustment function. The cutting part adopts a fixed length cutting device to ensure the length of the plate is accurate. PVC imitation marble sheet extrusion equipment has a wide application prospect, UVP imitation marble sheet, the outstanding advantage is high imitation marble, color and reflection are basically the same as marble, used for interior wall decoration PVC stone plastic decorative board equipment manufacturers It can achieve the same decorative style as stone; the interior wall decoration in the hall is more simple and tough. UVP imitation marble pattern board adopts transfer technology to imitation stone pattern. There are many kinds of stone patterns and rich colors, which can bring different decorative choices to the inner wall. UVP imitation marble plate, high-quality interior wall decoration board Jiaozhou PVC stone-plastic decorative board equipment, using medium-density PVC microcrystalline stone as the raw material, imitation marble pattern onto the board, UV light curing technology, UV imitation Marble pattern board, the surface of the board is no different from Dali real stone, the surface is smooth and flat, and the light reflectivity is high. It can be used to imitate all kinds of grain Shandong PVC stone plastic decorative board equipment, which is used for interior wall decoration and more chic.

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