The PVC hot-cutting granulation production line mainly adopts the hot-cutting method to dry-grain the plastics with relatively cold-solid properties (such as HDPE, PVC) and filled modified plastics (such as calcium-filled). This production line has the advantages of high pelletizing precision and high heat cutting yield. The die face hot cutting granulation makes the material particles smooth and full and beautiful. Because the system adopts the modular design, the user can also select the secondary air supply, vibrating screen and other configurations according to the process requirements to achieve different process requirements.

The complete set of equipment consists of main engine, auxiliary machine, pelletizer, water ring dehydrator powerful fan and storage barrel. This set of complete sets of equipment can be automatically and continuously produced. Due to the special exhaust and drainage device of the equipment, the waste is no longer washed by water. Drying, direct granulation, and granulation clean, no pollution and aging phenomenon, greatly reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. The whole machine has the remarkable features of small size, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption, high quality of finished products and wide adaptability, and can be adapted to meet various processing requirements.

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