Brief Introduction:

HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe has been recognized as a substitute for cement pipes and cast iron pipes because of its superior properties for water drainage. HC Greesence is the authority manufacture in China. We have the strongest technology advantages and rich experience on pipe production and installation. Our line has advantages of advanced design, high configuration,reliable operation and long life span.The capacity of same model is much higher than domestic industry. Especially big models for large diameter pipes can meet the need of big customers home and abroad. The quality and performance of our line reach leading level in the world.


1、The line adopt two sets of single screw extruders to ensure high speed and high quality extruding

2、Unique design of composite die head and forming by spiral rotation ensures high efficiency and quality.

3、Convenient and stable operation

4、Pipes can be used for manhole and septic-tank with advantages of easy and safe installation.

5、Anti-static gas drainage pipes for mines can be produced

Special pipe fittings are adopted and connection is very convenient and economical.

6、Application: hollow wall winding pipe, tank(water storage tank, septic tank);

7、Finished pipe can be produced in multi layer pipe(outer and inner layer is virgin material, middle layer is recycle material)

Main Technical Parameter:

ModelPipe range(mm)ExtruderInstalled power(kw)Loading factor 50%Max.Capacity(kg\h) Overall dimension(L*W*H)
ModelL\DMotor power
HC-800200-800SJ75\33 SJ65\3333:155 3014529023*10*3.2
HC-1200300-1200SJ90\33 SJ65\3333:175 3717538024*10*3.5
HC-1600800-1600SJ100\33 SJ75\3033:1110 4525054026*11*5
HC-22001200-2200SJ100\33 SJ75\3033:1132 5528074032*16*6
HC-26001400-2600SJ120\33 SJ75\3333:1132 7526050039*17*6.5
HC-30001800-3000SJ120\33 SJ75\3333:1160 7533082042*17*7
HC-40002000-4000SJ150\33 SJ90\3333:1250kw 90kw440120048*20*7.5

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